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Методическое объединение учителей иностранного языка ГБОУ Центра Образования №825

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Announcement: EFL secondary school teachers meeting
Effective Ways of Teaching Writing:
Best Practices
Moscow, February, 20, 2012 (3 pm - 5.30 pm)
Center of Education №825 (UVAO, Kuzminki)
Dear colleagues,
We’re delighted to invite you to an EFL secondary school teachers meeting on "Effective Ways of Teaching Writing”. The materials of the event provide information that benefit the teachers and students as the topic is especially meaningful in our country since students have to pass the Russian State Exam and both teachers and Ss face difficulties while preparing for the writing tasks. The event will include the EFL Fellow’s(Toni Hull) plenary presentation on the topic"Doing & Using Research for Papers and Presentations" and three concurrent workshops by EFL teachers of the Center of Education #825 ("Writing for the Russian National Exam", "Project works on the basis of interactive technologies", "Using School-linked Collaborative Projects for Writing Skills Development"). There will be ELT resources exhibition of the Center of Education before the event.
All the participants will receive CERTIFICATES, valuable materials, EFL teaching magazines. A coffee break will be provided.
Registration: 2.30 pm
Further Information and registration: Maslova Natalya - chaplinskaya@inbox.ru
Pre-registration begins in January.
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